A Textual Experience

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DEBRITI (/Da-bree-‘ti/)


DEBRITI is a compound word derived from the words [debris +  graffiti]. DEBRITI is 100% organic, recycled, and biodegradable chipboard laser cut into the twenty-four letter Latin alphabet.

DEBRITI’s function is to initiate words into action.

DEBRITI is 100% all-natural, repurposed chipboard,
recyclable and biodegradable.

DEBRITI comes in a variety of typefaces, colors
and materials.

DEBRITI is the physical, concrete form of language
and text.

The Dispensary

The Debriti Show is an immersive installation modeled after a herbal apothecary or marijuana dispensary but rather than dispensing herbs, spices or drugs, the exhibition imparts text, words and poetry.

The Show

DEBRITI engages participants in a hands-on relationship with letters, words, and poetry. DEBRITI is action; write, arrange, throw, burn, place DEBRITI in private or public settings. There are 101 ways to use DEBRITI! DEBRITI, initiate your words into action!